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We are excited to intimate you on the progress we have made in redesigning the Salon Poezji website. We value your love, commitment and follower-ship of this website over the years. The new look of this platform would highlight the Polish and English perfections that make us a unique place to visit. We have built in a more robust and interactive interface that allows you to lend your voice to any topic of interest.

Everything that we do is geared to give you a positive experience that would resonate with your soul. There are few brands that truly epitomize excellence as we do. This would be a breathtaking experience that would keep you excited. Our quest to redesign the Salon Poezji website was born out of our desire to step up our game into new levels. We believe that the investment you make in visiting our site is a testament of the trust and love you have in what we do.


This has pushed us to get creative in designing more channels that would capture the essence of our brand. Our world revolves around the value that we bring to you through each content that we share. In the past, we looked forward to this time where we would change the context of our operations into a more dynamic outlook. We are glad that the dream has finally become a reality. When you compare the humble beginning of this platform to the present revamped outlook, you would notice that we have committed to keep endearing you to our hearts with classy materials.

There are certain similarities that the Polish and English share which we believe is a global phenomenon. Everyone wants something that would lift their spirits and open new horizons for them. This is what we are poised to keep doing and we want to ensure that we achieve this in a grand style. Every member of our team knows that our operating philosophy is setting a high pedestal that cannot be matched by the competition. You can be part of those who form our stream of consciousness in Salon Poezji by sharing your thoughts with us.

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We are open to drive a system that allows the brightest minds to have a unique platform to showcase their prowess. The virtual world does not take away the need to build a greater bond with those that truly matter to us. You are the reason why we are tinkering and redesigning our website. We want you to know that you have a stake in promoting the culture, values and style for which we are known. Each insight from you would help to move us to new levels of engagement and fun. There are few moments that bring the feeling of nostalgia in everyone’s life. We have paused to reflect on the times and we have so many positive memories that are shining through our hearts.

We want the future to hold even greater experiences and this is why we would not relent from pressing for a unique design in our website. We hope to connect with you when the website design is fully completed as there are so many exciting insights that we would be sharing with you. Thanks for standing with us. We appreciate you.

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