The Home Inspector That Couldn’t Be Stopped

The story of Jakub Polanski brings many things to mind. He is a real symbol of strength, character, focus and the will to persevere in the face of very huge challenges. Mr. Polanski came to the US with nothing but a few clothes to his name. He was determined not to let anything stop him from living true to his dreams. A friend told him about the possibilities in the Home inspection industry and this caught the interest of Jakub Polanski. The only challenge was his inability to communicate fluently in English. Mr. Polanski took this as a challenge that will help him bring out his genius. It was not long before he could speak passable English.

He worked briefly with some firms where he learned the ropes about the home inspection industry. After a few years, he started his Company and the odds were stacked against him. Like a dream of the night, Mr. Polanski’s Company began to win major contracts. He was awarded the job of inspecting a very large estate and this shot his company to prominence. The jobs kept flowing and it got to a point where you could not mention Home inspection without relating it to Jakub Polanski. He rose to become a legend in the field and his company served as the benchmark of excellence for other firms.

One of the noble decisions he took was to look for ways to create a better learning platform for young home inspectors. Mr. Polanski organized free classes every quarter to share with people about the dynamics of home inspection training. He emphasized that he did not want anyone to go through the challenges he faced. Mr. Polanski created a platform where anyone could access him and ask any question which needed answers. His fame grew to all the major provinces in the area and the Governor of the State gave him the key to the State as a mark of honor.

A Picture of a classroom full of inspectorsFew weeks back, two young home inspectors were talking about the need to have a model that will help to shape their career. As the discussion went on, their boss walked in and asked if they knew Jakub Polanski. They responded in the negative so their boss had to open his laptop and shared how Mr. Polanski had positively influenced the industry. In his words “ Mr. Polanski is a legend and he was a Long Island home inspector – see the site…you can get all the details about him.” The young inspectors thanked their boss and it was not long before they were held in awe as they went through the website.

Mr. Jakub Polanski still influences the outplay in the home inspection business. He was recently honored as one of those who have helped to shape the industry in the last 3 decades. In his response, Mr. Polanski said that anyone can achieve the feats that he has. He said that as long as people set their hearts to reach for the top that nothing could stop them. Mr. Polanski said he will continue to help in raising the bar of excellence in the industry for as long as he lives.

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