Salon of Poetry in Seattle was established in June 2005 originally by Lena, the meetings were held in a designated place on Sundays at the Polish Home in Seattle on Capitol Hill.

Salon of Poetry in Seattle was inspired by the Krakow Poetry Salon, solutions oĹźonym in January 2002 by Anna Dymna. On Sunday in the southern area, five beautiful historic interior INTERIOR foyer of the theatre. Julius HEARING of slovak being held a meeting with the great poetry, read by actors, accompanied instances where py musicians and students and students of music schools.

We invite you to read information about our meetings.

“Indestructible Faces of Minsk axis of” poetry Ewa Lipska and Francesco Petrarch
“The message ing Mr. Cogito” – poetry of Zbigniew Herbert
“DopokÄ d going” – poetry Leszek ChudziĹ State
You who penetrate everything – wskaĹź! – Poetry and prose of John Paul II and
Nothing twice – women’s evening of poetry
“Happy Birthday, Fredrick”
Poetry Combines or people. My favorite poem
“Adults li children” – reads a fairy tale Beaty Krupskaya “Scenes Ĺźycia dragons”