Blue Collar Home Inspectors From Poland

The Polish community has been growing in strides over the last two decades. The number of businesses that have been started surpasses what they had achieved in the last six decades. For example, Mr. Jakob Lewandowski Started a Long Island home inspection company from scratch and built it to become a regional force. When he was asked about the secret of his success, he said that success was not an option. He either succeeded, or he will have to go hungry. This drove him to do everything in his power to achieve. It was his story that sprang a revolution in the Polish community and made so many of them build home inspection businesses.

home inspectorA look at some of the ads at Yelp showed that many Polish Blue Collar Home inspectors are on the rise. Mr. Karol Milcheski started his home inspection in Long Island business from his garage. The early days were quite challenging as he did not have money to carry out his marketing campaigns. He was focused and determined because no obstacle came his way which he did not surmount. He became so good in the business that a few leading magazines had to ask him to share the secret of his success. He told them that he was determined to create a company that will set a new standard in the home inspection business.

No home inspector in Long Island has not heard about the Polish Wizkid named Alan Pototsky. This man who is in his mid 30’s built one of the fastest growing organizations in less than five years. This home inspection firm has become synonymous to embracing new channels to reach their customers. They carried out a door to door campaign in the last quarter which saw them sign up a huge number of clients. It is important to reiterate that Mr. Pototsky is looking at spreading his tentacles to other regions. He said that he could replicate the success he has achieved because he knows how to serve his customers properly.

Another interesting business is the one that was started, Kuka Lipinski. His story is quite enthralling and can be used as a rich source of inspiration for many individuals. Mr. Libanski came to the US with only $5 to his name. He did not know a single word in English. However, he was so determined to succeed that anyone who saw him in the early days could see it blazing through his eyes. He learned to speak fluent English in less than eight months, and he was able to raise the capital base of his business to about $10 million in 7 years. Mr. Libanski said that he was willing to try any legal means to grow his business. He stated that success came to him because he will not give in to excuses.

Most of these Polish Blue Collar Home Inspection businesses have so many inspiring stories behind their conception. It is vital to mention that there are a few dozen companies started by Polish citizens which were not highlighted in this piece.

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