Everything About Discount Life Insurance

Discount life insurance provides financial security and peace of mind by offering policies with very low premium rates. Life insurance is based on the simple fact that if an individual dies during the term of the policy, then his beneficiary would get the lump sum amount from the insurance company. Continue Reading

Health Insurance Latest Credit Crunch Casualty

In these economically poor times when many are looking for ways to reign in their budget, health insurance has fast become a casualty of money saving times. With an extremely efficient free medical service in this country, many are considering private health insurance as an unnecessary extravagance and are abandoning Continue Reading

Insurance Problem For All

Van drivers who insist on not taking out insurance are on the governments radar under new proposals revealed. Those who drive without insurance will need to frantically check their rear view mirrors as the government have revealed that a major crackdown is to be launched to find, expose and punish Continue Reading

Professional Indemnity Insurance: Explained

As a practicing professional, you must have heard of professional indemnity insurance policies. Unfortunately, most of professionals are still unclear about offerings of professional indemnity that can provide a solid financial back-up. In this article, we’ll provide a beginner’s guide on professional indemnity insurance: What is Professional Indemnity Insurance? It Continue Reading

Get Insured on Your Terms

Insurance strategy is of many kinds – and when you are on the market for buying one, they are likely to take misunderstandings to new levels. But to create issues simpler – here is one choice you could try out: term plans. Life insurance term plan is only one kind Continue Reading